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Board Game Party: Settlers of Catan Game Night


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Board Game Party: A Settlers of Catan Game Night
Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan makes a perfect theme for a game night party.

Photo by Jackie Burrell

When it comes to board games, few have the fanatical teen and young adult following of Settlers of Catan. The award-winning strategy game is so popular, game shops hold regular Settlers of Catan nights for teen and adult players, and so do some dorms. So if you're throwing a game night party - a great theme for 18th birthday celebrations, winter break gatherings and really, anytime - why not use Catan as a catalyst for some fun?

The beauty of a board game night is that whether it's Catan or any other great dorm board game, the party activities are taken care of. You don't need to organize a round of "pin the tail" on the settlement. Game play, great snacks and some clever decorations are all it takes to create a festive evening. Scale them up or down depending on whether this is a casual event - like a reunion of high school friends - or a bigger bash.

So let's start planning - first the decor and tablescape, then food and snack ideas, and desserts too.

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