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Throw a Hunger Games Party


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Decorations for a Hunger Games Party
Throw a Hunger Games Party

Glowing paper lanterns set the mood.

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The beauty of a "Hunger Games" party for older teens, college kids or 20-somethings is that it's by definition an outdoor event. Pick a good venue - a park or woodsy backyard - and the trees and terrain do most of the decorating for you. Here's how how to complete the look:

  • The Lighting: Make sure there is plenty of light, especially if the party is being held at dusk or in the evening, by hanging lights from the trees. This can be as simple as hanging twinkle lights, paper lanterns or mason jar lights in the trees. Be sure to place additional lights along walking paths. Star-shaped paper lanterns (see photo above) look amazing, but people are doing all kinds of wildly creative things with DIY mason jar lights these days too. Take a peek at Apartment Therapy's pictures of hanging lanterns for inspiration, as well as instructions for rigging wire hangers for your lights.
  • The Arena: How you set up the space depends on the "Hunger Games" activities, of course, but including an outdoor fireplace (or several) with seating adds to the ambiance and fits the theme nicely. Also fun: an outdoor movie screen, lounge area and laptop projector to screen "Hunger Games" music videos, like Taylor Swift's "Safe and Sound", film trailers and - when it comes out on DVD - the actual movie.
  • The Table: A long, wooden picnic table makes a great rustic buffet table, especially when embellished with branches and greenery. Use over-turned terra cotta flower pots to elevate your serving platters and baskets and give the buffet a little more visual appeal. Tuck battery-operated pillar candles (compare prices and types) and votives (ditto) in the greenery. A large cornucopia-shaped basket - to hold bread or fruit - is a perfect detail.

Now about that food...

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