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2012 Readers' Choice Award Winners - Best Survival Guide for College Kids


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Runner Up: The Naked Roommate
2012 Readers' Choice Award Winners - Best Survival Guide for College Kids
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Title: "The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College"
Author: Harlan Cohen (Sourcebooks, 544 pages, compare prices)
Website: www.NakedRoommate.com
Finalist for: Best Survival Guide for College Kids

Details: Syndicated advice columnist Harlan Cohen is known for his wise, witty take on all those issues that make teens and 20somethings crazy, and his best-selling "The Naked Roommate" is the book that put him on the map. (Another of his books, "The Happiest Kid on Campus" is among the finalists for best survival guide for college parents, by the way.) "Naked Roommate" offers practical advice for everything from homesickness and health issues to, yes, nude roomies - and does it with considerable humor and directness. The "punch" in the fruit punch? Check. Hook-ups? Yep. Dorm drama? Definitely.

Excerpt: Assuming you've never spent time in prison and don't intend on spending time in prison, this could be the only time in your life that you'll spend a year or more living with a complete and total stranger. Until you've experienced living in an eight-by-eight foot room with someone you've never met before, it's hard to understand what it takes to get along... Conflict is unavoidable. How you and your roommate deal with it makes all the difference.

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