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College Bookmarks


DIY College Logo Bookmarks

Dorms desks get a little added pizazz when the bookmarks sport a college logo and the lab books go arty.

Photo by Jackie Burrell

Whether you're looking for something small and fun to tuck in a college care package or Christmas stocking, or you're looking to add a little style to a cash gift or college survival book for graduation, these little college bookmarks are just the ticket. (I'm planning to tuck one in the university-inspired advent calendars I'm sending my kids.) They take about two minutes to make, cost practically nothing - just paper and ink - and they're frankly adorable.

Find an image you like - a round or square college logo, a snippet of a campus map, a view of Hogwarts or a photograph of your child looking horrified (perfect for a finals week care package, no?). Size it to 1.5 to 2 inches across and print it on glossy, heavy photo paper. If your image is perfectly symmetrical, print two.

Cut out the image(s). If you're using two identical circles or squares, for example, you're going to be sandwiching them together. If they're not symmetrical, just print one, cut it out and grab a piece of the glossy scrap paper that's at least as large.

Affix a piece of double stick tape to the back of the printed image so it covers roughly the top quarter or third. (If the tape hangs over the edge that's fine.) Attach the second image, blank sides together and edges aligned. Trim off any exposed tape edges. If you're using scrap paper, don't bother trimming it yet. Use the double-stick tape to attach it to the image, glossy side outward, and then trim the edges neatly.

That's it! Open the bottom end and tuck it securely over a page or two to mark your place - or use it to hold a folded check or other cash gift.

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