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Calendar for the Dorm


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Dorm Crafts: A Calendar for the Dorm
Photo collage calendar

The photo calendar concept turns whimsical when you add comic strips, rubber stamps, magazine images and photographs for a multimedia collage.

Photo by Jackie Burrell

Dorm rooms aren't exactly spacious affairs. You can't hang much on the walls and bulletin board space is limited. As for displaying beautifully framed photographs of friends and family on the credenza? Yeah, that's not happening. But there are plenty of clever little ways to bring those happy faces into the room and make that new space a little friendlier. You can wrap photos around a pencil cup, film-strip style, make goofy photo thumbtacks or turn lightweight (and now practically obsolete) CD cases into frames for a photo mural. But here's another happy thought: Everyone needs a calendar.

You can certainly order one from any of the many online photo services, such as Shutterfly. You upload the pictures and choose a design template, and they send you the finished, bound product for around $22. But when you make it yourself, that DIY calendar can be as personal, quirky, silly or chic as you'd like. Page through for ideas, how-tos and cost-cutting tips for three very different types of calendars, including the quirky ones pictured above, as well as a CD desktop calendar that stands by itself and a different riff on the theme that hangs on the wall - without nails or thumbtacks. Mix and match to make it your own.

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