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Gift Ideas for Teens and 20-Somethings

Looking for the perfect gift for that teen or 20something? Here's a full roundup, from zombie fare to books, DVDs and stocking stuffers.

The 2013 Gift List: Great Books for 20-Somethings
Leisure reading for college kids? There's nothing like a killer supermodel, a few clairvoyants and an alien invasion to help a teen or 20something escape the world for a while.

The 2013 Gift List: New Stocking Stuffers for College Kids
Wondering what to tuck in your college kids' Christmas stocking? Here are nine great new ideas.

Gifts for Hunger Games Fans
Suzanne Collins' "Hunger Games" trilogy has been a mind-blowing crossover hit. Written for a YA crowd, the books have worked their way into the hearts of 20 million teens, college kids, 20somethings and, OK, their parents too. So what do you give a "Hunger Games" fan? Here are some ideas.

2012 Movie, Blu-Ray and DVD Gift Guide for College Kids
Superheroes, spies and a bow-and-arrow-wielding tribute? They're all part of our Blu-Ray-centric gift guide for college kids and 20somethings.

Great Gifts for College Kids & Young Adults
Looking for great college kid gifts? Here's a collection of great college kid gifts guides.

Gifts for English Majors
Finding a great gift for a college kid can be tricky. By the time you know what's hot, it no longer is, right? But this gift list offers treasures, both classic and quirky, for the English major or book lover in your life.

Eleventh Hour Christmas Gifts
Eleventh hour? Don't panic. This may be the final countdown to the holidays, but these last-minute Christmas gifts for college kids and 20-somethings can be made (or thrown together) in an evening.

2011 Blu-Ray and DVD Gift Guide for College Kids
Bridesmaids, super heroes and laugh-your-head-off flicks are all part of our Blu-Ray-centric gift guide for college kids and 20somethings.

A DVD Gift Guide for College Kids (2010)
Facebook founders, blood-thirsty vampires and a seriously dysfunctional bar staff in sunny Philadelphia? They're all part of our DVD-centric gift guide for college kids and 20somethings.

Best Zombie Book or Movie Ever?
We've shared our favorite zombie books and flicks. Now it's your turn. What zombie fare did we leave out?

Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans
Got a "Harry Potter" fan? Most older teens and college kids grew up on J.K. Rowling's famous series. They've read the books and seen the movies. Here are a few more Hogwarts-related items they may enjoy.

Zombie Gift Ideas
There's no denying it - zombies are hot these days. So here's an undead-themed gift guide for the the zombie-loving teen, college kid or 20something in your life.

Gift Guide for College Kids and 20somethings ($30-$150)
Looking for great holiday gifts to delight and pamper your college kid or 20something? Here's a round-up of fresh gift ideas in the $30-$150 range.

DIY Family Cookbook for College Kids

Gifts for the Vampire Fan
Got a vamp fan? Whether they're Twi-hards or True Blood devotees, here's a slew of great gift ideas for vampire fans.

Small Treats and Stocking Stuffers for College Kids
Just because your child has grown up and gone off to college doesn't mean he or she won't love opening a holiday stocking stuffed with practical and whimsical little gifts. Here's what to put in it.

Gift Guide for College Kids (For $30 or Less)
Well, of course, your college kid wants the latest iPhone, plasma screen and Prius. But here's a round-up of great holiday gifts guaranteed to please the college crowd, without breaking the bank. Give them singly, or pair them up for added oomph. And yes, of course we included accessories for the Apple toys they already have... Ho ho ho!

Gifts for Law Students
Got a new law student? Or one headed for the bar? Here's a list of 10 great gift ideas, everything from gavels to pearls, pens and a legal eagle board game.

Great Gifts for Med Students
Got a new med student? A nursing student or someone heading into pharm school? Here's a list of 14 great gift ideas, everything from stethoscopes to arty posters and a medical version of Magic: The Gathering.

Great Gifts: Books for College Kids
There's nothing better than a great book to relax a stressed-out college kid, especially when the book in question involves dragons, Amazonian adventures or the antics of a comedic drama queen.

Great Gifts for Business School Students & New MBAs
Got a new business school student? Or one armed with a brand new MBA? Here's a slew of great gift ideas, everything from fancy ties to thrillers, books and cartoons.

Best Gift - Best Gift for College Kids
What was the best gift you gave your college kid or 20something this year?

Great Gifts for New Nurses and Nursing Students
Got a new nursing student or nurse in your family? Here are some great gift ideas for that new RN or RN-to-be, everything from helpful books to scrubs, arty posters and medical thrillers.

Gifts for Geeks, Science Majors & Sci-Fi Fans
Gift ideas for college kids and 20somethings with a penchant for sci-fi, science and all things digital.

2013 Blu-Ray Gift Guide for College Kids
Furry monsters, Japanese kaiju and Snow White? They're all part of our 2013 Blu-Ray-centric gift guide for college kids and 20somethings.

Eco-Conscious Gifts for College Kids
Gifts for eco-conscious, philanthropic college kids.

Gifts for Beaus, Boyfriends and Girlfriends
Looking for a gift for your grown child's sweetheart? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Gifts for 'Game of Thrones' Fans
Got a "Game of Thrones" fan? These gift ideas will delight followers of House Stark and Lannister.

2014 Gift List - Great Books for 20-Somethings
Looking for a great beach read or gift for your favorite college kid or 20something? This quintet of books includes the latest from Stephen King, J.K. Rowling and Emma Straub.

2014 Blu-Ray Gift Guide for College Kids
Looking for a great gift for your favorite college kid? These seven blockbuster are heading to blu-ray soon.

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