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College Care Packages

Got a teen or 20something off at college or far from home? Here's how to send a little touch of home, all wrapped up in a care package.
  1. Care Package Recipes (12)

A Valentine's Day Care Package
A collection of sweet, fun stuff to tuck into a college care package in February

Decorated Care Package Bags
From packing popcorn (the real stuff!) to decorated plastic baggies, here's how to ship that care package safely.

St. Patrick's Day Care Package
Five great ideas for a St. Patrick's Day care package, Shamrock Mocha and all.

8 Great Care Package Ideas for College Students
Even grown-up kids get the homesick blues. Here's how to pack the perfect care package, one laden with cookies, whimsy and plenty of love.

Best College Care Package Delivery Service
Readers Choice Nominations: Best College Care Package Delivery Service

College Care Packages 101
Getting ready to mail a care package to your favorite college student or loved one far from home? Here's everything parents need to know about baking, packing and mailing the perfect care package to your college student or loved one far from home.

A Passover Care Package
We can't always celebrate holidays with the ones we love, but this Passover care package will make your college kids feel like they're part of the festivities and rituals, no matter how far they are from home.

How to Host a Care Package Cookie Exchange
Host a care package cookie exchange and you're not just getting pretty treats, you're socializing with friends going through the same emotional, empty nest leave taking. And the box that eventually arrives on campus tells your college kid that it's not just you who misses him, it's the whole neighborhood.

Care Package Mailing Tips
The best care packages include baked goods, but finding recipes that are sturdy enough to travel - and survive the lag time in a college mail room - can be a challenge. Here are tips on packing and mailing college care packages.

Lunar New Year Care Package Ideas
Looking for Lunar New Year ideas for that college care package? Thing dragons, red envelopes and orange-scented almond cookies.

Care Package Ideas for Spring
Easter Care Package: We can't always celebrate holidays with the ones we love, but this springtime Easter-in-a-box care package will make your college kids feel loved. Plus, who doesn't love chocolate bunnies??

Finals Week Care Package
There's no doubt that cookie-filled care packages raise the spirits of homesick college students, but when exam time rolls around, stressed out kids need healthier fare.

Birthday Cakes & Dorm Deliveries
That first year after the kids leave for college is filled with unexpected little pangs - then comes that first birthday without you. You may not be there, but you can still send a celebration - a birthday cake or other dorm delivery

A Care Package for Halloween
A care package for October? Make it a Halloween care package with these tricks and treats.

A Valentine's Day Care Package
A Care Package for Valentine's Day: Your family may be long past the days of "B Mine" valentine cards and chalky candy hearts, but that doesn't mean you can't send your college kid a little Valentine happiness in a box. Here are some ideas for Valentine care packages.

Recipe: Spicy Chipotle Glazed Pecans

Almond Biscotti with Citrus Recipe
Recipe: Almond biscotti with citrus make a sweet and crunchy care package treat.

A Care Package for Homesick College Kids
A city-centric care package sends a little bit of home - quite literally - off to the dorms.

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