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A Valentine's Day Care Package

Fleece scarves, cookie hearts & more


February is the perfect time to send your favorite college kid a Valentine-themed care package filled with everything from Berry Bear-y Granola to cozy fleece scarves, silly college paper dolls and more.

1. Cranberry & Teddy Bear Granola

Photo by Jackie Burrell
This may well be the cutest, quickest trail mix ever. Fill a cellophane or plastic bag with crunchy homemade granola, add a handful of mini-graham-y bears, dried cranberries and some red M&Ms. Tie with red-striped grosgrain ribbon. Voila!

2. Cheery Red Fleece Scarf

Photo by Jackie Burrell
This cozy fleece charmer will keep your Valentine warm at any football tailgate, campus bonfire or chilly stroll through the quad, for about a buck and a half - and it requires no sewing at all. Make it in plaid or a cheery red for Valentine's day.

3. A Valentine Photo Pencil Cup

Photo by Jackie Burrell
Decorated with DIY film strips, heart motifs and photos of friends and family, this easy, inexpensive craft project makes a perfect little Valentine gift and a cheery addition to any dorm desk. Using one-inch craft punches in heart and square shapes make this project a breeze, but an exacto-knife works just fine too.

4. Valentine Chocolate & Pink M&Ms

Valentine's Day Care Package
Photo by Jackie Burrell
A classic heart-shaped box of chocolates will please any Valentine, of course. But conversation hearts and Valentine M&Ms - in pink, red and white - will delight too.

5. Victorian-ish Paper Dolls

Victorian paper dolls
Photo by Jackie Burrell
This is, after all, the most Victorian of holidays so why not send your college kid a period-inspired paper doll ornament? OK, so the Victorian paper doll is wearing a Texas A&M Longhorns' T-shirt and cowboy boots, but that's what makes this project fun.

6. Cookies, Brownies & Berry Blondies

Stock.Xchng Photos
There's not a kid on the planet who doesn't love getting cookies in the mail. Go old school with chocolate chip, whip up some sugar cookie hearts, or bake up a batch of your favorite brownies or berry blondies, and cut them out with heart-shaped cookie cutters.
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