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Creative Ways to Give Cash: A Painted Piggy Bank


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Painting Dr. Hogg
Creative Ways to Give Cash: A Painted Piggy Bank
Photo by Jackie Burrell

Of course, you could just slap some polka dots or flowers on that DIY piggy bank and call it a day, but it takes very little effort to transform a porky financier into Dr. McSwine or Nurse Hogg. Here's how:

  • Using a damp sponge and the light pink acrylic paint, give the front half of your piggy bank, all four feet and that curly tail a nice coat. Let it dry. Give it a second coat if the plastic or ceramic is showing through. Let dry.

  • Using a damp sponge and the green paint - preferably a shade that mimics hospital scrubs - paint the back third, using a brush to get around the pink curly tail and rear feet. Let dry.

  • Using the sponge and the white paint, cover the middle third and bring it around to the front, under the pig's, you know, chinny-chin-chin. This is the base for the lab coat, so don't worry too much about details and edges. Let it dry. Now, using the brush, go over the white base coat again so it frames the pig's face, almost meets under the chin, and splits just above the tail, the way a lab coat would. Make sure the edges are crisp. Paint the eyes white. Let everything dry.

  • Using the brush and the green paint, add a dab under the chin, so the "scrubs" peek through the front of the lab coat.

  • Now add details with that Sharpie pen: a lab coat needs buttons and a collar.

  • Using the darker pink paint, give the pig rosy cheeks and a rosy nose. You can use the same paint to add definition to the ears too, and the tongue, if your particular bank has one.

  • Using the brush and the blue (or other eye color) paint, add irises to the eyes. When they're completely dry, add black dots for the pupils.

  • When the paint is completely dry, you can shellac or glaze the whole thing to make it shiny, if you wish. Or just add drops of glaze to the eyes to give them a little sheen. Be careful, though, or the glaze will run down like the tears of a med student with excessive student loans.

  • Now add props. You can find small stethoscopes and doctor's bags in sticker-form, raid your kid's old toy box for mini-versions or - much easier! - find images of those props online and print them on card stock. Trim them closely, then use the craft glue or hot glue to attach them to Dr. McSwine's side.

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