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What is a GED?


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Definition: The GED, or General Educational Development, test is a high school equivalency exam administered to people who did not graduate from high school but want a certificate indicating that they possess comparable knowledge. According to the College Board, some 98% of colleges and universities accept a GED diploma, in lieu of a high school diploma.

The GED exam, which costs anywhere from $10 to $75, includes five sections on writing, reading, math, science and social studies. Each section lasts one to two hours. The exam is written by the American Council on Education and administered at more than 3,400 test centers around the world, including many on community college campuses. Test takers must be 18 years or older, although exceptions may be made for 17 year olds under specific circumstances, including incarceration and hospitalization.

Also Known As: General Equivalency Diploma
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