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High School Dropouts and Second Chance Education

GEDs, Community College and More


Just because your child dropped out of high school doesn't mean it's the end of the line. Some 75% of high school dropouts eventually finish their education. Here's the lowdown on getting that second chance.

1. Second Chances for High School Dropouts

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It's one thing to talk about finishing up that high school education, years after the fact. What you really need to know is how. It's not too late. Here are four ways your high school dropout can earn his diploma or a GED:

2. What is a GED?

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The GED test is a high school equivalency exam administered to people who did not graduate from high school but want a certificate indicating that they possess comparable knowledge. Read on for details on what the GED exam is, how much it costs and what it means.

3. Dropping Out: Pros, Cons & Good News

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At first glance, dropping out of school is a terrible idea - but in a few cases, it may actually be a good idea. Sure, the outlook for high school dropouts is considerably more bleak than for teens who finish their education. But nearly 75% of the teens who drop out eventually finish,  the majority by earning their GED, others by finishing their coursework and actually graduating. So before freaking out at the very thought of your child dropping out, read the pros, the cons, and the happy statistics.

4. High School Dropout Statistics

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Tracking high school dropout and graduation statistics is a grim, confusing business - and percentages can vary so dramatically, parents don't know what to believe. A third of the United States' teenagers drop out of high school? Or 10% or 40%? Well, yes, all of those figures are right - and wrong. Here's the lowdown... plus numbers you can actually use.

5. Community College 101

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Community colleges offer incredible experiences for any teen or 20something. For young adults trying to get their lives back on track after having dropped out, a community college offers even more - a chance to finish high school coursework, prepare for the GED exam, and kick start a career. So here's a parent guide to community college life.
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