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College life is a major transition for parents, as well as new freshmen. Here's a guide to every aspect, from extra-long sheets to majors, transfers, roommates and new adulthood.
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College Geocaching
Geocaching on College Campuses: With more than a million geocaches stashed around the world, is it any wonder so many of these geocaching sites are hidden on college campuses? Here's just a sampling.

What are the About.com Readers' Choice Awards?
What are the About.com Readers' Choice Awards?

College Senioritis
Senioritis strikes college seniors, as well as high schoolers. Here's the lowdown on college senioritis.

Cookbooks for College Kids and 20-somethings
There's only so much ramen a human can eat. At some point, even a college kid or 20something has to learn to cook something. Here's a round-up of cookbooks to help.

What is a Senior Recital?
Music Major Glossary: What is a senior recital?

Parent Misconceptions About College Majors
Parent Misconceptions About College Majors: Starving artists, useless majors and other college major myths debunked.

How to Choose a College Major
Is your son or daughter trying to choose a college major? Choosing a college major is his job, of course. A parent's is to provide support and encouragement - and asking some pertinent questions may help. Here are tips for every family, whether your college kid is determined, wavering or completely clueless about how to choose a college major.

Artsy Majors, Science Fields & More
Types of College Majors: Choosing a college major was difficult enough back when there were only a handful. These days, there are hundreds of majors. Fortunately, they all fall into six types.

How to Declare a College Major
College Majors: When and how to declare a college major.

What is a University Outdoor Adventure Program?
Outdoor Adventure: What is a university outdoor adventure program?

12 Benefits & Advantages of Greek Life
Greek Life: There are definite benefits and advantages to living in a fraternity or sorority, including several most parents don't even think about.

Study Abroad Issues: College Students and Alcohol Consumption
Study abroad: A new study finds that students who study abroad drink more, and that alcohol consumption can be worrisome. Here's the scoop on study abroad students and alcohol consumption.

What is a college major?
What is a college major?

What is a college minor?
What is a college minor?

What is a Double Major?
What is a Double Major?

15 Jobs for Art History Majors
Is your child considering an art history major? Whether he's into Giotto, Monet or Thiebaud, art lovers have plenty of career path options. Here are 15 job options for art history majors to explore.

Top College Headlines in 2013
The top college headlines of 2013 ranged from the Boston Marathon bombing to sports concussions, college apps sabotage and meningitis outbreaks.

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