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What is a Music Jury?


What is a Music Jury?


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Whether your child attends a conservatory or is a performance major at a regular university, he will be facing a music jury at the end of each semester. A music jury is like a final exam for the private lessons that are part of every music major's schedule.

The jury consists of a panel of faculty members - your child's private teacher and typically at least two other faculty members - who assess your musician's progress. If this is your college kid's first encounter with a jury, he'll need to talk with his teacher to decide which piece(s) will be performed, and whether he needs to hire an accompanist. At some schools, the cost of an accompanist is included in music school fees, much as piano tuning is pro-rated among students. But colleges vary, so remind your child to double check how that works at his school, plan well ahead and allow time to practice with his accompanist too.

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