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What is Academic Probation?


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Academic probation is an official warning from a university that your child has not maintained his academic standing – his grade point average, for example, or his full-time student status – in accordance with the college’s expectations. It may be a matter of falling below a certain GPA threshold, or your child may have dropped too many classes.

But academic warnings can also be linked to a scholarship requirement, so that a single D, for example, could put the student on probation or his scholarship in jeopardy, even if his grade point average remains above the 2.0 mark.

It's important for students and their families to familiarize themselves with a college's academic probation policies before problems arise. At UCLA, for example, students whose GPA falls between 1.5 and 2.0 are placed on academic probation, and given two quarters in which to raise their overall average back to 2.0 or face dismissal. A UCLA student whose quarterly GPA falls below 1.5 faces dismissal, not probation.

At the University of Texas, Austin, probation warnings are sent when a student's GPA drops below 2.0, but the threshold for dismissal varies according to how many units a student has taken - anything less than 1.5 if a student has only taken 15 units, anything less than 2.0 for 60 or more units.

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