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Graduation Memory Boards


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Graduation Gifts & Memory Boards
Graduation Memory Boards

A Grad Night gallery of memory boards

Photo courtesy of Campo Grad Night '08

A memory board or photo collage makes a particularly memorable graduation gift. Some schools include a gallery of memory boards in their Grad Night festivities, but even if yours doesn't, every family enjoys having a photographic record of their graduate's childhood. And assembling one of these can be a poignant rite of passage for parents saying good-bye to their college-bound child.

Focus on childhood shots, and the results will be a wonderful memento for both your child and your family. But if you're planning to pack this off to the dorms with your child, make sure it includes plenty of photos of his friends. No college kid takes an ego-centric collage to the dorms - not if he wants to make new friends, anyway. So here are two options, the family-centric memory board and the ready-for-college collage.

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