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Greek Life 101: A Parent Guide

Pros, Cons and Essential Tidbits on Fraternity and Sorority Life


Joining a fraternity or sorority can be a great thing for a college kid. Here's everything a parent needs to know about the pros, cons and essential details of Greek life. In short, Greek Life 101 for Parents.

1. 12 Benefits & Advantages of Greek Life

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As a parent, you hear about rush, the Greek houses and the sometimes notorious parties. But there's a lot more to Greek life. Here's the lowdown on the benefits and advantages of fraternity or sorority life, including a few you've probably never thought about - and one you'll hope you never need.

2. The Dark Side of Greek Life

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Greek life can be a wonderful, sociable, enriching experience. But for some students, there's a dark side to Greek life too. Here are five points to consider as you encourage - or discourage - your child to apply. Some won't be a factor for your college kid at all; others may deserve attention.

3. What is Rush Week?

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Fraternities and sororities use a variety of recruitment efforts to woo new members, including, perhaps most famously, Rush Week. Here's the lowdown what these things are and what they entail.

4. 6 Steps to Protect Your Teen Against Hazing

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Fraternities, sororities and sports teams are wonderful additions to campus life, and initiations can be lovely, meaningful ceremonies. But hazing demeans, degrades and hurts people. If your child is contemplating joining a group that might use hazing - or if you suspect he is already participating in questionable rituals - here are six steps he can take to protect himself.

5. Is Your College Kid Being Hazed?

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Hazing symptoms bear a close resemblance to other emotional upheavals, including those associated with starting college and adjusting to a new living situation. But there are several red flags to watch for that may indicate that your child's fraternity or sports team is using hazing in its initiation rites. If you are seeing any of these 5 signs, and getting a nagging feeling in your gut, it's time to have a serious talk with your child.
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