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College Parents FAQs from Roommates to Dorm Food

How - and When - To Do a Little Long-Distance Troubleshooting


College parents spend 18 years nurturing their children, bandaging boo-boos and helping, helping, helping. Now the kids are off to college and the first time something goes wrong, who do they call? Mom and Dad, of course. Here's a guide to college parents' most frequently asked questions, how (and when) to do a little long-distance troubleshooting, and how to avoid helicopter parenting your college kid.

1. FAQ: Roommate Issues & Your College Kid

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Every college parent gets a call about roommate squabbles. These are issues your child needs to sort out on his own, but you can play the role of sympathetic sounding board as he figures out a course of action. And sometimes, it's the questions you ask that help the most. Here's how to deal with several major roommate issues:

2. FAQ: Dorm Food

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Complaining about the cafeteria food is a venerable campus tradition. Here's how to deal with the wailing phone call about lousy dorm food.

3. FAQ: College Kids, Illness, Injuries & Health

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The call comes late at night, bringing news of raging fevers, broken limbs or barfing buddies. It's a recipe for long-distance panic, but here are some ways you can help, even when you're thousands of miles away.
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