1. Parenting

Parenting the College Kid


Just because the kids have taken off for college doesn't mean your parenting days are over. Instead of playing the 24/7 parent, your new role includes providing long distance, reassuring support and guidance, and packing and mailing off the occasional care package, while grappling with your own empty nest emotions. Here's a practical guide to what lies ahead - for both of you.
  1. College Admissions
  2. College Kids & the Law
  3. Dorm Life
  4. Health & Safety
  1. Money, Money, Money
  2. Care Packages & Gift Ideas
  3. The Empty Nest

College Admissions

The college admissions process is crazed and competitive - but you don't have to be. Here's a simple guide to what to do and when, from SATs to Move-In Day.

College Kids & the Law

Turning 18 is a big deal, not just from a parent's emotional perspective, but legally too. Here's a quick rundown on everything you need to know when your child turns 18.

Dorm Life

From laundry to extra-long sheets, dorm life involves new skills and new experiences. Here's a guide to what your college kid is likely to need, from paperwork to bandaids.

Health & Safety

Doctor's bag

You may not be there to hover over every sniffle, but there are things you can do to help your college student stay safe and healthy, starting with good preventative care, a good first aid kit and a clue about the health dangers sudden independence can carry.

Money, Money, Money

It's not just the tuition. Parental pocketbooks seem to hemorrhage cash during the college years. Here's the lowdown on what to expect - including such unexpected expenses as lab coats, piano tuning fees and a $940 textbook tab - along with some money saving tips.

Care Packages & Gift Ideas

There may be no sweeter words in the English language than "care package." That lowly cardboard box filled with cookies and notes from home is a definite morale booster for college kids, and for parents, it's a great way to sublimate those empty nest emotions too. Here's a how-to on packing, filling and mailing those boxes, plus a slew of gift ideas college kids will love.

The Empty Nest

Everyone told you it would go quickly, and you didn’t believe it. But all at once, you’re standing in a college parking lot trying not to weep into your 6-ft. tall baby’s hoodie.

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