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Between heightened competition and a college prep-industry gone wild, the lead up to college admissions is a stressful time. Here's down-to-earth advice on surviving the college admissions process.
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College Application Video Essay?
College Application Video Option: Some colleges, including Tufts, have started encouraging teens to submit a college application video essay.

College Admissions 101 for Art Majors
You may think you know everything there is to know about college applications, but applying as an art major is a whole different ballgame. Here's a practical how-to guide to the unique timelines and portfolio requirements.

Book Review: "Admission, a Novel"
Book Review: "Admission," Jean Hanff Korelitz's novel about a Princeton University admissions officer is the perfect fare for parents whose kids are deep in the throes of college - or grad school - applications.

Picking a college to attend is one of the most important decisions a young adult makes. In a country with such a wide array of colleges selecting the right one means considering many range of factors.

5 Ways to Cut College Tour Costs

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