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Dorm & First Apartment Crafts

Looking to add a little style to that dorm room or first apartment? These easy craft projects add style and panache - and make great gifts too.
  1. Dorm Crafts: Cozy Bedding (8)
  2. Dorm Crafts: Desk Supplies (13)
  3. Dorm Crafts: Holiday Ornaments (9)
  4. Dorm Crafts: Photo Projects (5)

Exam Worry Dolls
This riff on Guatemalan worry dolls - tiny lab scientists! - is perfect for exam-stressed students.

Make a DIY Laundry Bag for the Dorm
Packing up your kid for the big move to college? Send her off in style with this DIY Dorm Laundry Bag - or at least ready to hit the dorm laundromat without leaving a trail of dirty laundry.

DIY Silkscreen Laundry Bag for the Dorms
This easy silk screen project turns a plain pillow case into a snazzy, colorful laundry bag for the dorm.

Make a DIY Fleece Rug
Need something cozy underfoot for that dorm room or first apartment? A DIY fleece rug is just the ticket.

Dorm Crafts: Campus Map Lanyard
Dorm Crafts: Add a clever campus map to that lanyard and you'll never got lost again.

Crafts for Decorating the Dorm Room
Dorm rooms can be spartan affairs, without some cozy touches and reminders of home. But these cool, inexpensive craft ideas will add pizazz to any college kid's dorm decorating plans, without costing a fortune. Here are a few DIY dorm decorating ideas.

A DIY Painted Clock for the Dorm
DIY Dorm Crafts: Every dorm room needs a clock, but no one said it had to be boring.

Dorm Crafts: DIY Jewelry Frame
Dorm Crafts: Between the beige walls and the lack of storage, decorating a dorm room can be challenging. This DIY jewelry frame craft project gives your teen or 20something somewhere to stash her jewelry, while brightening the walls.

Make a Dorm Sewing Kit
Every dorm room needs a ... dorm sewing kit for reattaching buttons, fixing hems and other quick repairs. Here's how to make a cute, compact version that looks good on a shelf and contains everything your teen or 20something needs.

Dorm Crafts: A First Aid Kit
Every dorm room needs a first aid kit. Here's how to make one that looks good, and that doesn't just offer bandages - it sports first aid tips too.

Dorm Crafts: DIY Fleece Scarf and Hat
Heading to a tailgate? Or just crossing campus on a chilly day? These cozy fleece warmers - a DIY fleece scarf and matching hat - are just the ticket.

DIY Recycled T-shirt Bag
Every family has a collection of old T-shirts lying around, commemorating swim team, high school band and college days. But a few scissor cuts and a single seam turn those tees into farmers market-ready bags.

CD Case Picture Frames for the Dorm
Decorate that dorm wall with a framed photo montage.

Dorm Decor & Rasterized Art
Posters and rasterized art for the dorm room.

DIY College Luggage Tags
A luggage tag-sized campus collage adds pizazz to any suitcase - and makes a fun little dorm craft project.

Stadium Seat
Make a cushy DIY stadium seat to take to the big game.

Crafts - Make a DIY Ruffled Apron
Every new apartment dweller needs an adorable apron. This DIY version features ruffles mixes college-prints with the stripes.

Making a Hunger Games Apron
Make a DIY "Hunger Games"-inspired apron.

Dorm Crafts: "Hunger Games" Pendants
This easy craft project turns necklaces, charm bracelets or key rings into "Hunger Games" inspired jewelry.

Craft Kits for Dorm Care Packages
Tuck a little craft kit in your next dorm care package.

Make Your Own DIY Silk Screen Frame
A little cardboard, a little tulle and voila - your own homemade silk screen set-up. Here's how to do it.

Dorm Crafts - DIY Draft Stopper
A colorful, DIY draft snake is the perfect thing to remove winter's chill from dorm windows and apartment doors.

Dorm Crafts — Make a Crate Seat
Dorm storage and seating are always problematic. Upcycle a storage crate with a padded lid and you solve both issues at once.

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