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CD Case Picture Frames for the Dorm


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CD Case Picture Frames for the Dorm
CD Case Picture Frames for the Dorm

A photo montage made from old CD cases is the perfect, inexpensive way to decorate a dorm room or first apartment - or your kid's empty old room, for that matter.

Photo by Jackie Burrell

Photographs and artwork can do a lot to cozy up a dorm room, but dormitory walls are problematic. You're not supposed to pound in nails - and in some cases, those walls are cinder block, so you couldn't pound in a nail, if you tried. But this easy, inexpensive DIY project turns lightweight CD cases into a mural's worth of picture frames, perfect for attaching to a dorm room wall with Poster Putty or Velcro buttons. (Or, your college kid's soon-to-be decorated old bedroom.)

Each frame goes together in a - literal - snap. Group them into a 6 x 4 photo montage or 7 x 5 mural for added impact.

Note: A grouping of 24 or 35 photos can look like a cluttered mishmash if you're not careful. You'll want to lay everything out ahead of time to choose a pleasing arrangement, of course, but the real trick lies in keeping the color values similar and interspersing more neutral images every now and then. It doesn't have to be a solid color or, you know, beige, but an expanse of forest, for example, or crystalline sea offers a restful balance to more detail-filled images.

Here's how to do it...

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