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DIY College Luggage Tags


DIY College Luggage Tags
DIY College Luggage Tags
Photo by Jackie Burrell

Looking for the perfect graduation gift or dorm move-in souvenir? This easy DIY luggage tag sports a collage of collegiate motifs - a campus map, the university mascot and photographs, as well as the standard "hey, they is my suitcase" information. It takes 10 minutes to make, costs less than $2 and makes a whimsical, yet practical little gift to tuck into a graduation gift (pair it with a check to cover the cost of a passport, for example), use as a stocking stuffer for a college kid or 20something, or pop into a university-inspired advent calendar. Here's what you'll need and a quick step-by-step how-to.


  • A luggage tag-sized self-adhesive laminating pouch, like the ones made by Scotch. (Find them online - compare prices here - or at stores like Staples and the Container Store.)

  • Colorful images of the campus map, dorm facade, school mascot, your college kid, etc. Print them on glossy photo paper for best results.

  • An exacto knife and double-stick tape


  1. Measure: Check the dimensions of the luggage tag and subtract a 1/2 inch from both the length and width, so there's enough of a border - 1/4 inch or so all the way around - for the laminating film to form a secure seal around your insert. For the Scotch luggage tag in the photo, the tag insert was 3 3/4 inches wide by 2 3/8 inches high.

  2. Type: Type up the usual luggage tag information - name, address, email, etc. - and print it out. Cut the paper to the tag insert dimensions.

  3. College collage: Print out your various images on glossy photo paper, starting with the largest - in this case, a colorful campus map of UC Santa Cruz. Trim it to the tag insert dimensions. Then cut out and add your other elements, using double-stick tape to attach the university's banana slug mascot, for example, "Fiat Slug" banner and photographs. Be creative, but keep it fairly flat, not more that three or four layers deep.

  4. Stick and seal: Use a square of double-stick tape to attach the address side to the collage's flip side. Open the laminating pouch and position the luggage tag inside. Note that the non-sticky side is the clearest and glossiest side of the luggage tag, so place your artistic little masterpiece face down on that side. Slowly peel off the protective waxy paper to expose the sticky film, gently pressing and smoothing it down as you go. Run your thumbnail over all the edges to make sure the film seals completely. Follow the package directions to add the luggage strap.
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