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Dorm Crafts: DIY Fleece Scarf and Hat


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Make a Cozy DIY Fleece Hat
Dorm Crafts: DIY Fleece Scarf and Hat
Photo by Jackie Burrell

A Cozy Fleece Hat

This cozy fleece hat will keep you warm at any football game, pep rally or any one of the other 101 college traditions students love so much. And they cost just $2-$4 apiece. Here's how to make this cozy, fleece warmer.
  • Measure around the widest part of your head, add an inch and write that number down as your head measurement. For most adults, that's about 21-24 inches. (Kids will be closer to 20-22 inches, and toddlers a couple inches less, in case you're going for the matching family look.)

  • Lay out your fleece so the stretchier direction runs left to right. You'll be cutting a piece of fabric that's 15-inches high and your head measurement wide, so the head measurement runs left to right, in the stretchy direction.

  • Fold the fleece in half, from your left to right, right sides together, and sew a narrow seam, stopping about 6 inches from the top. (A sewing machine will make that seam faster, but hand sewing works too.) Turn it right side out, and fold the bottom edges up to form a cuff. Fold it again.

  • Measure 6 to 8 inches from the cuff edge and make a small mark. Don't sweat the specifics too much; the cuff gives you some wiggle room in the fit. Using a rolling cutter (or scissors and a steady hand) cut a deep fringe from the top of the hat down to the mark. The thinner the fringe, the floppier.

  • At this point you can add a little extra, colorful pizzazz, if you wish, by cutting a few extra strips of contrasting color fleece, 6-8 inches long and a half inch or so wide. Tuck the ends inside the top of the hat, so they extend below the fringe mark.

  • Cut a long, narrow strip from the remaining fleece and use it to tie off the top of the hat, just below the fringe. (If you've added extra strips, make sure the knot cinches them too.) Double knot it, and trim closely.

  • Try the hat on and see how you like the floppiness of the fringe. Keep it loose and long for a slightly goofy, devil-may-care look. Or trim the fringe, cutting at a tidy angle, so it's just a few inches long.

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