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Make a DIY Fleece Rug


Make a DIY Fleece Rug
Make a DIY Fleece Rug

This hand-knotted shag rug, made from strips of fleece fabric, adds warmth and softness underfoot.

Photo by Jackie Burrell

Looking for something cozy underfoot for that dorm room or first apartment? A DIY fleece rug is just the ticket. It's easy to make, soft on the tootsies, and it will use up all those random bits from your other fleece dorm crafts - you know, the remnants from that cozy fleece blanket, no-sew fleece pillows or the adorable fleece hat and scarf you made for tailgating fun. Here's what you'll need and how to pull it together:

Fleece Rug Materials

  • Fleece remnants cut into strips 3/4" by 4" long. Fleece stretches more in one direction than the other, so cut the strips in the direction that maximizes stretchiness.

  • Rug canvas cut to whatever size you'd like, 2' by 3', for example. This handy net-like grid, available at most craft and fabric stores near the yarn, makes it easy to weave your rug and cut straight lines.

How To

  • First, turn on a good movie. This is a great project and it couldn't be easier, but it gets tedious. A little drama or some nice cinematic explosions help move things along.

  • Grab a handful of fleece strips and cut off one of the ends at an angle. Don't worry about tidiness or symmetry. It's much easier to thread this stuff if you have a pointy end to work with.

  • Starting at one corner, thread a fleece strip, angle-end first, down through a hole and back up through the adjacent hole. Pull it through so the two ends are even and tie a tight knot. Repeat, skipping a hole. Fleece is thick and it will fill the spaces nicely. (If you're using a material other than fleece - such as T-shirt fabric - you'll want to go hole by hole.)

  • That's it! Just keep repeating - thread it through, tie it off, thread it through, tie it off - mixing in other colors or patterns to suit your taste. To clean the rug, simply take it outdoors and shake it out. The rug can also be hand-washed in the bathtub with a little detergent. Rinse well and hang it outdoors to dry.

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