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Dorm Life

Your child is off to college and ready to encounter massive lecture halls, independence and, of course, dormitory life. Here's everything a parent needs to know about dorm life.
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  3. Outfitting the Dorm Room (26)
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Community College Housing Options
Got a child heading to community college? He can certainly live at home while attending school - and many students do. But an increasing number of community colleges have started offering student housing in campus dorms, in dormitories on nearby campuses, or via other off-campus options. If you're looking for community college housing options,...

Campus Theft & Dorm Insurance
Dorm insurance: Protect your child's gear with a little common sense and some dorm insurance.

So Your Kid Wants to be an RA?
So your kid wants to be an RA? Here's what the resident assistant job entails - and why parents are so enamored with the RA program.

Everything You Need to Know About Roommates

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