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Campus Theft & Dorm Insurance

Protecting all that dormitory stuff


Bike racks on campus

Bike racks on campus

Photo by Jackie Burrell
It's common to fret about campus crime and your child's safety, particularly when you see those blue-topped security kiosks around campus. But the most common campus crime is theft. Laptops get swiped from the library, bicycles from the bike racks, and items large and small nicked from unlocked dorm rooms. A little common sense goes a long way. Encourage your child to lock his dorm room every time he leaves, even if it's only to take a shower.

You may want to consider dorm insurance too, especially if your child plays a musical instrument. Check with your own insurance company to see if your policy covers your child's belongings at school - then consider renters or dorm insurance. There may be a pamphlet on dorm insurance in your child's orientation packet too. Insurance will cover your child against theft and damage – including burst water pipes and fire - but read the fine print. Some insurance policies exclude laptops, other require a special rider for musical instruments.

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