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5 Good Things About Bad Roommates

Silver Lining Department: Bad Roommate Division




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Heaps of moldy laundry, snarly moods, spontaneous "borrowing"? Everyone's got a bad roommate story to share. But there's a silver lining too. Here are five good things about bad roommates - and thus five reasons to relax and let your child tackle his roommate issues on his own, or with the help of the dorm Resident Assistant, not Mommy:

  1. Terrible roommates help your child build resilience, flexibility and adaptability. No one gets good at the art of compromise and diplomacy without practice.

  2. Bad roommates encourage your child to leave his dorm room, get out there and meet new people - which is exactly what you want him to do. (And exactly why you don't want him rooming with a high school buddy.)

  3. Terrible roommates can make your child re-examine his own behavior. A roommate's fermenting laundry and dubious hygiene can be marvelous motivators for your child to do his own laundry and take his own daily showers.

  4. Ghastly roommate #1 will make roommate #2 seem all the more wonderful.

  5. And bad roommates make for excellent stories later on.
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