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Dorm Crafts: College Magnets & Thumbtacks


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College Landmark Magnets & Thumbtacks
Dorm Crafts: College Thumbtacks

The Campanile, Oski and other UC Berkeley icons adorn this set of college landmark thumbtacks.

Photo by Jackie Burrell

This quick dorm craft adds a dash of whimsy and style to any dorm room or first apartment - and besides, that refrigerator door/drab bulletin board/old metal file cabinet was just crying out for adornment.

This not-too-messy project is fun on its own, but it also makes a great craft activity for graduation parties, winter break reunions, and during those summer doldrums before dorm move-in day.

A set of campus thumbtacks or magnets would be a fun gift to tuck into a care package too.

Here's what you'll need to start...

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