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Empty Nest Blues

Ways to vanquish the empty nest blues and help your family cope with changing circumstances.
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Empty Nest Celebrations
Your kids are off on their next big adventure - college and the big wide world. Now it's time to celebrate. Here are some empty nest party ideas to get you started.

Empty Nest 101: Surviving and Thriving in 5 Steps
Thriving in the Empty Nest: The last child has taken off. Now it's time to reclaim your life, rebuild relationships and rekindle empty nest dreams. Here's how.

A Cocktail Party to Celebrate the Empty Nest
Don't be blue. Celebrate your suddenly empty nest with a cocktail party.

3 Things to Avoid After You Drop the Kids at College
You've dropped off the kids. Now what? Here are 3 things to avoid after you drop the kids off at college.

5 Things to Do After You Drop the Kids at College
You've dropped the kids off at college. Now what? Here are 5 things to do after you drop the kids off at college.

Empty Nest: The First Days
Empty Nest: Saying good-bye and getting through those first days can be difficult for a new empty nester. Here are tips to ease the way.

Empty Nest Syndrome: Preparing for Your Child's Departure
Empty Nest Syndrome: It's no secret that kids grow up and leave home. So while it's certainly important to do the college apps and the dorm shopping, it's also important to plan for that empty nest.

Nurturing a Happy Empty Nest Marriage
Empty Nest Marriage: When it comes to today's hectic family life, it's too easy to give the marriage short shrift. But a strong and happy marriage is the foundation of the family, and couples who ignore that will have a tough time in the empty nest years.

Coping with Empty Nest Syndrome by Volunteering
Empty Nest Survival: You probably spent hours volunteering at your child's school. Now that you're an empty nester, have you thought about ... volunteering some more?

Empty Nest - Empty Nest Bucket List
What's on your empty nest "bucket list"?

Empty Nest Survival: Rekindling Those Dreams
Empty Nest Survival: The nest is empty and now, it's time for you. Here's how to re-kindle those hobbies, explore your dreams and find new passionate pursuits.

Empty Nest Support
No one understands what it feels like to pack your child off to college better than someone who's going through it too.

Redecorating When the College Kid Moves Out
Redecorating when the college kid moves out? One of the benefits of an empty nest is all that extra room - that and less laundry. What do you do with that extra bedroom? What do you do with all that ... stuff?

7 Ways to Vanquish Empty Nest Depression
Every parent eventually goes through empty nest syndrome. Here are 7 ways to cope with the empty nest blues.

Empty Nest Blues - How Do You Deal With the Empty Nest Blues
We've all heard of the empty nest blues, that sense of depression that descends when the last child leaves home. Now what? Share your tips for dealing with the empty nest blues here.

Staying Close and Letting Go
Now that your kids are grown, how do you restructure your relationship so youre neither too involved, nor so hands-off there isnt much of a relationship there at all? How do you stay close while letting go?

Dads and the Empty Nest
Dads are just as prone to empty nest syndrome.

Empty Nest Syndrome: Even Siblings Get the Blues
Parenting Young Adults - Your empty nest needn't be completely empty to feel the loss. In fact, parents with younger kids still at home may find themselves dealing not only with their own sorrow, but a family on an emotional rollercoaster. Here are four ways to help younger siblings deal with empty nest blues.

The Empty Nest Blues, Take Two
Got a case of the January blues? The end of the holidays can mean an unexpected spasm of empty nest depression.

Empty Nest Brunch
Celebrate dorm drop-off with a festive brunch for empty nesters.

Book Review: Writin' On Empty
Book Review: "Writin' on Empty: Parents Reveal the Upside, Downside and Everything in Between When Children Leave the Nest" offers advice and personal accounts of empty nest experiences.

8 Great Date Night Ideas for Empty Nester Marriages
Whether you're an empty nester or just headed that way, dating your spouse is a recipe for long-term marital happiness. So here's a slew of great date night ideas for the empty nester marriage.

Date Night: Rekindling the Romance of an Empty Nest Marriage
Paparazzi swarmed when the Obamas went out for their weekly date night, but the outing served to underline the secret of a happy marriage. Happy couples nurture their relationships and date night is an important part of that.

New Freshmen, Divorce & the Importance of Home
When parents divorce, even college kids can be emotionally overwhelmed. Here's one powerful reason why divorce and dorm drop-off shouldn't be done the same day.

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