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A Cocktail Party to Celebrate the Empty Nest


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A Cocktail Party to Celebrate the Empty Nest
A Cocktail Party to Celebrate the Empty Nest

Adorable empty birdhouses set the stage for an empty nest cocktail party. As for the drinks, "Unlocked Aviary" martini, anyone?

Photo by Jackie Burrell

Dorm drop off is over, the kids are gone and the house is suddenly quiet. Why not throw a party to celebrate that newly empty nest and chase away any blues? You're focused on your kid's departure and the experiences he's having, but this transition is a huge deal for you too. You've put 18+ years into this project, after all. (It's not over yet, of course. You've just moved into more of a tech support role.) So let's greet that launching in style, with a cocktail party to celebrate the newly empty nest.

Cocktail parties are always popular - and not just because they involve booze. They're easy to throw and fun to attend. So craft a signature cocktail (The Liftoff, perhaps? Or The Unlocked Aviary?), then set out antipasto platters, queue up your favorite playlist, and adorn the buffet table with adorably empty birdhouses and martini glasses.

On the following pages you'll find food and drink ideas, as well as decorating how-tos. Just page through or use the quick links below. (And if you're thinking of surprising your sweetheart with this party, you'll find tips on how to keep the surprise a surprise here.)

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