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Empty Nest 101: The 5 Steps to Surviving and Thriving


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Preparation for the Separation

Moving into the dorm

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There aren't many life-altering events for which you get this much advance notice. You've known your child would grow up and leave you for at least 18 years. Why then, does the emotion of the separation pack such a wallop? You may not be able to prepare yourself for the emotion of the moment, but a few simple steps can help keep a case of the empty nest blues manageable. Take a peek at the step-by-step process on the following pages, or sign up for "Empty Nest 101: An E-Course for Parents" and get each part e-mailed to you over the next five weeks.

Let's Get Started

Of course you're going to miss your child. And yes, you may grieve for a week or two ... or six. But the transition to empty nest (or almost empty nest) also offers couples a chance to renew their relationship, explore new pursuits, and thrive, not just survive.

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