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2013 Readers' Choice Award Winners - Best Guide for College Parents


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2013 Runner-Up - 'How to Raise Your Adult Children'
2013 Readers' Choice Award Winners - Best Guide for College Parents
Courtesy Hudson Street Press

Title: "How to Raise Your Adult Children: Because Big Kids Have Even Bigger Problems"

Author: Gail Parent and Susan Ende (Hudson Street Press, $25.95, 288 pages, compare prices)

Website: HowToRaiseYourAdultChildren.com

Runner-Up: Best Survival Guide for Parents of College Kids and 20somethings

Details: Part advice column and part stand-up comedy gig, this book pairs best friends Susan Ende, a marriage and family therapist, and Emmy Award-winning screenwriter and erstwhile comedian Gail Parent. Remember the days when your biggest worries revolved around preschool and dioramas? Piece of cake. Parents of 20somethings watch them fretting about money, jobs and relationships. (Read the full review here.)

Excerpt: "Dear Gail and Susan: My husband and I often go out for meals with our daughter and our son-in-law and my husband always picks up the check. Neither my son-in-law nor my daughter ever offers. My husband says we can afford it, so no harm, no foul and that he enjoys playing Big Daddy. It makes me uncomfortable to be out with adults whom we treat as children. Who's right?. Robin." "Robin You're Right But So What?..."

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