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Family Life: Holidays to In-Laws

A guide to family life, from holidays and summer vacations with adult kids, to the challenges of in-laws, beaus and babies.
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Best Survival Guide for Parents of College Kids and 20somethings
Readers Choice Nominations: Best Survival Guide for Parents of College Kids and 20somethings

For the Bookshelf: Books to Help You Let Go
Whether it's teens off to college or 20-somethings getting on with their lives, it's challenging for parents to figure out their new roles. There aren't a million books out there to help either, but here's a good start.

Staying Close and Letting Go
Now that your kids are grown, how do you restructure your relationship so youre neither too involved, nor so hands-off there isnt much of a relationship there at all? How do you stay close while letting go?

Beyond the Phone - Keeping in Touch via Facebook, Skype and Web Cams
Between Facebook, web cams and Skype, not there are loads of ways to stay in touch with your college student or now-grown kid.

Best Reader Tips on Parenting Teens & College Students
Experience is a great teacher, but when it comes to parenting older teens and college kids, we can all use some help from the pros - other parents. So here's a round-up of readers' best tips on parenting teens and college students. Browse through their ideas, then add your own.

Facebook Etiquette
Teens often recoil when their parents wander onto Facebook. Follow these five simple etiquette tips to keep your kids from "unfriending" you.

All About Parenting Blog Carnival Submissions
Join other families around the web during the next parenting blog carnival when we tackle the issue of graduation - ceremonies, gifts and celebrations.

10 Suggestions for Grandparents-to-Be
The top 10 things grandparents-to-be need to know, from how to react when they first hear the news (smile!) to how to build a loving, supportive relationship with the new family.

Communication Tips for New Grandparents
Communication tips for new grandparents.

What is a Helicopter Parent?
What is a helicopter parent?

Helicopter Parent - You Know You're a Helicopter Parent When
Helicopter parent? Who me? You know you're a helicopter parent when...

College Kids & Giving Back
Giving Back: The lengthy Santa lists evaporate as kids move off to college and the big world. Now it's time to think about giving back, during the holidays and year round.

College Kids Give Back - Ways for College Kids to Give Back
College Kids & Community Service: How does your family give back?

Readers' Choice Awards for College Families
OK, college parents, it's time to nominate your favorite books, products and services for About.com's Readers' Choice Awards!

Book Review: 'Reluctantly Related'
Book Review: The daughter-in-law, mother-in-law relationship can be difficult, but Tennessee-based Deanna Brann offers advice in her new self-help book, "Reluctantly Related."

5 Cool Ways to Spend Winter Break
There's a let down once the holidays are over, particularly when your college kid still has weeks of winter break left. So here are five great ways to keep you and your grown kids entertained over the long winter break.

3 Great New Year's Parties and College Kid Reunions
Whether it's a New Year's Party, an open house brunch or college kid reunion, the holidays are the perfect time for a family party.

New Year's Resolutions for College Parents
New Year's Resolutions: It's time for some new New Year's resolutions for college parents. Items 1-100: de-stress.

Geocaching & GPS
Geocaching and GPS: How is GPS used in geocaching?

A Peek Inside a Typical Geocache
Geocaching: What's a geocache stash and what are you likely to find in a typical geocaching or treasure box?

Before You Go: What to Take When You Go Geocaching
Geocaching Essentials: What to take when you go geocaching.

Best Dorm Games: The Game of Things
The zany Game of Things takes all the good things about Loaded Questions and makes them ten times better. The result? A hilarious game for teens and 20somethings at parties, in the dorms and at home.

What is Geocaching?
Geocaching defined: What is geocaching and how do you play?

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