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Are you a blogger? Each month, About.com hosts an All About Parenting Blog Carnival. Join other parents around the Web in discussing topics of importance to our kids and families, from children's friendships to birthday celebrations. This time around, we're tackling the issue of Easter - gifts, celebrations and what to put in that Easter basket (or college care package) besides candy. And we'd love to have you join us!

The blog carnival goes live on March 29. Submissions are due March 26 to youngadults@aboutguide.com. And here's the scoop on everything else you need to know:

Blog Carnival FAQs:

  • What is a blog carnival?

  • How do I participate? Write a great non-commercial blog post that addresses the theme of the carnival in some way. Link to the Carnival Invitation blog post somewhere in your post. Submit the name of your blog post, the permalink (if you have one), and your name and email address to youngadults@aboutguide.com.

  • Where can I see examples of previous All About Parenting blog carnivals?
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