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Great Board Games for College Kids

12 Great Games From Quelf to Pandemic


11. The Game of Things

Game of Things
Photo by Jackie Burrell

The zany Game of Things takes all the good things about the old Loaded Questions game and kicks it up so many notches, there's just no comparison. The topic cards are absolutely hilarious. And best of all, there's no pesky game board trying to direct you to some boring question category.

12. Tiki Topple

board game
Courtesy Gamewright

This fast-paced, tactical game features strategy, betrayal and the undeniable allure of little plastic tiki heads. Maneuver your tikis into a super secret combination, while sabotaging fellow players' efforts to do the same, and you might advance your own totem around the board. Fail and ... you'll just have to play this wildly addictive game again.

13. Time's Up

board game
Courtesy R&R Games
This crowd of 525 celebrities - historical figures, pop icons and cultural darlings - had 15 minutes or more of fame. You'll have 30 seconds to guess as many as possible, in rounds that grow increasingly difficult. Describe up to 40 of these famous figures in a sentence, a single word or a wordless impersonation to win in this rollicking, 10th anniversary version of a great game for teens, college kids and grown-ups.

14. More Board Games?

Courtesy of Dominik Gwarek, Stock.Xchng Photos
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