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Finances and Young Adults

Someday, you'll be able to cut the purse strings. But for now, there's still rent, down payments, tuition and loans - and tips for dealing with them.
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  2. The Lowdown on Student Loans (9)

The 10 Most Expensive Colleges in the U.S.
There's no question that college is expensive - but these 10 universities are the priciest of all.

College Expenses Besides Tuition
Tuition, room and board are certainly the major college expenses, but additional expenses - textbooks, lab fees, practice room charges, social tabs and cell phones - can add another $1,500 or more to the tab, if you're not careful.

The 5 Most Expensive Colleges in the U.S.
Most expensive colleges: Looking at college financing? Here's the lowdown on the most expensive universities in the U.S.

The Cost of a State University Education
Even state schools cost a bundle. Here's the average cost of a public university education in the United States.

The Cost of a Private College Education
College is an expensive undertaking. Here's the average cost of a private college education in the United States.

Campus Jobs & Career Planning
Campus jobs can be more than a source of ready cash. Campus jobs are a way to test drive careers too.

What is Work Study?
What is work study and how do you apply?

4 Money Management Tips for College Grads & 20-Somethings
Money management is one of those unexciting, but critical topics parents need to address with their 20somethings. Here's how to start the discussion of money management for college grads.

5 Ways to Protect Your College Kid from Identity Theft
College Identity Theft: 5 ways to protect your teen against college identity theft.

Identity Theft on College Campuses
College identity theft: Identity theft is one of those things that happen to other people – nearly 10 million other people. But, college students are prime targets. Here's why.

8 College Scholarship Myths
Check these scholarship myths to make sure your family isn't missing out on college financial aid opportunities.

Other College Scholarship Resources
The federal application for student aid and your child's college aren't the only sources for scholarships. Here's a quick round-up of other college scholarship resources, including FastWeb.com.

Money Saving Tips for College Families
It's bad enough paying college tuition, but all those extra expenses - textbooks, lab fees, food and yes, even snacks - add up very quickly. Now is a good time to review the high cost of textbooks, daily lattes and pizza nights with your college student and suggest some alternatives. Here are some ideas.

Cash-Saving Textbook Tips
At least you could anticipate college tuition. The $940 your child spends on textbooks per year usually comes as a rude shock. Here are five ways to save money on college textbooks.

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