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What is Work Study?


Definition: A college financial aid package usually includes scholarships, loans and/or work study. The latter consists of campus jobs that pay well, boast flexible student-friendly hours and benefit the college community, a list that includes part-time work in the library, athletic center, administration office, etc. Chances are, if you've seen a student doing homework while answering phones or buzzing people into a campus building, that teen is on work study.

Each university administers its own work study program a little differently. Your child should contact his financial aid office to find out how the program works on his particular campus, and then visit the college career center to find work study job listings.

P.S. Just because a work study offer was not part of your child’s original financial aid package does not mean it's too late. Have your college student visit the financial aid office and ask.

Also Known As: work-study, campus jobs
Alternate Spellings: work-study, work/study
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