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Graduate School Admissions, Life and How-Tos

Got a 20something contemplating graduate school? Here's a parent guide to applying, getting into, and surviving graduate school - so you can offer advice, without driving your kid nuts!
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What's That Grad School Degree Worth?
What's that graduate degree worth? If you've ever wondered about the salary difference between grad school and bachelor's degrees, there's a very simple answer. A master's degree or Ph.D means a hefty raise.

A Parent Guide to Medical School Apps
Medicine is a prestigious career path, but frankly, it's an expensive and insanely competitive one too. Here's what parents should know about the process of applying to medical school - and the expenses that will be incurred along the way.

A Parent Guide to Grad School
Got a new college grad contemplating graduate school? Here's a parent primer on grad school, from terminology to fellowships.

Grad School Advice Book: Surviving Your Stupid Stupid Decision to Go
Grad School Advice Books: Review of Adam Ruben's tongue-in-cheek "Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go to Grad School."

Dental School: A Parent Guide
Applying to graduate school is a complicated process, but teens and 20somethings who are interested in eventually heading into dentistry fields have even more on their plates. Here's the lowdown for parents on everything from DAT to diploma:

Getting Into Dental School
Dental school is becoming an increasingly popular post-college option, which means competition is rising and the odds of your child getting into dental school are becoming steeper each year. Here's a look at what's required to get in, along with a sneak peek at the competition.

What is the MCAT?
MCAT: What is the MCAT?

Grad School Admissions Exams
Got a new grad who's thinking about law, med school, or other graduate degrees? Here's the lowdown on grad school admissions exams.

Got a legal eagle-to-be? The path to law school includes the LSAT, a bear of an admissions exam. Here's the scoop on the LSAT

The New GMAT
Got a 20something contemplating an MBA? He or she will need to take either the GMAT or GRE. Here's the scoop on the GMAT, and the big changes ahead.

The New GRE
The GRE is the granddaddy of grad school exams. But there are big changes afoot for the GRE.

Grad School Glossary
Wondering what that alphabet soup means at the tag end of well-educated people's names? Here's the scoop on graduate school degrees and what they might mean to your child's future.

What is a Ph.D?
What is a Ph.D?

What is an MFA?
What is an MFA?

What is a Master's Degree
What is a master's degree?

Gifts for Grad Students
So your favorite 20-something is heading off to grad school? Here's a gift guide with possibilities in every price range, from quirky books to bigger ticket items, plus presents specifically for med students, future lawyers and prospective MBAs.

What is the DAT?
The DAT: What is the Dental Admissions Test or DAT?

Med School: Internships and Residency
How long does medical school take? And what is an internship or residency?

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