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Graduation Cupcake Ideas


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Push-Up Cake Pops, Graduation Pops & More
Push-up Cake Pops

Sweet "graduation caps" and push-up cake pops share space on the dessert buffet with classic cupcakes.

Photo by Jackie Burrell

Whimsical touches are what make a dessert buffet truly memorable, so fill out the rest of your graduation sweets table with more than cupcakes. Add a basket of strawberries - chocolate-dipped, if you want to go all out - and confections like these.

Push-Up Cakes

These push-up pops have become the party trend du jour. It's a riff on those frozen push-up pops we all enjoyed as kids, but swanky caterers are translating the concept into elaborate, layered desserts that are easy to make ahead. "Dressing" the dessert in a graduation cap is just icing on the cake. You'll find the instructions, recipes and more ideas here.

Graduation Candy Pops

Bakerella blogger Angie Dudley is the culinary genius who put cake pops on the map, and her graduation caps-on-sticks are equally adorable. The ones above use small Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Ghirardelli chocolate squares and colorful, narrow strips cut from sour gummy worms to play the role of tassel.

Colorful Marshmallows

When San Francisco dessert caterer Shauna Sever started serving colorful, homemade marshmallows on a whim, she made a startling discovery. People loved them even more than the swanky tarts and fabulous little cakes on the dessert table - so much so, that now she has a cookbook out, "Marshmallow Madness" (Quirk Books, 2012). Try the basic vanilla marshmallow recipe she has posted on her blog, then go wild with the cookbook, which includes chocolate, creamsicle, coconut, apricot and even bubblegum flavored sweets in a riot of colors and shapes.

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