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A Harry Potter Party for Teens


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Planning a Harry Potter Party for Teens
A Harry Potter Party for Teens

Butterbeer, pumpkin pasties and a tower of finger sandwiches makes perfect fare for any Harry Potter-esque festivities.

Photo by Jackie Burrell

Planning an 18th birthday party? Or winter break festivities for your college kid? The tale of Harry Potter has such enduring appeal, 18-year-olds take the books to college and play quidditch in the quad. More than 300 universities and high schools have intramural quidditch teams.

Which is all just prelude to saying, a Harry Potter-themed party is the perfect thing for an 18th birthday celebration, a last-night-with-the-high-school-gang gathering, or winter break event - or even Grad Night. Or it is, as long as you don't suggest the kids play "pin the tail on the sorting hat." No, we have much better ideas that that.

Here's how to channel the spirit of Hogwarts and appeal to the child within, while entertaining your college kid too.

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