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A Wedding Anniversary Party: A Greek Feast


A Wedding Anniversary Party: A Greek Feast
Greek Feast

A Greek Feast

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A second honeymoon is a lovely way to celebrate a big wedding anniversary, especially when it's a 25th or 30th anniversary. But if you want to celebrate with friends and family, whisking everyone off to Greece is going to be more than a tad pricey. So why not use that honeymoon destination as inspiration for an anniversary party - a Greek feast - at home?

Whether you do evites or send out paper invitations - a "papyrus" scroll, rolled into a cardboard tube, perhaps, or a toga-clad paper doll - make sure you include any instructions for your guests. If you're throwing a toga party (wait, really?), this is the time to specify dress. Or you might ask guests to bring a honeymoon photograph of themselves. The photos add to the decor, but they're also very fun as fodder for a guessing game.

Decorate your home in hues of blue and white. Cue up the sirtaki music, and hire a dance instructor to teach guests the dance popular in tavernas across Greece. Or, go the "Mamma Mia" route with an Abba soundtrack, disco ball and plenty of dance space.

The best part of any Greek feast is the wonderful food. So serve up a spread of mezes - small plates - including tzatziki with warm pita triangles, phyllo cheese triangles, and stuffed grape leaves. Throw an assortment of souvlaki - skewered kebabs on the grill, and serve them with platters of Greek salad. And for dessert? A chocolate-iced wedding cake, perhaps, cupcakes and/or baklava.

And don't forget the party photo booth. If ever there was an excuse to don togas and laurel wreaths, this is it.

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