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Clever Ways to Give Gift Cards: The iTunes Gift Card Diorama


Clever Ways to Give Gift Cards: The iTunes Gift Card Diorama
Clever Ways to Give Gift Cards: The iTunes Gift Card Diorama

An iTunes diorama adds a Glee-ful little pop to the old gift card routine.

Photo by Jackie Burrell

Gift cards are an easy, convenient way to give gifts, especially in today's world of iTunes, iPods and iPads. The only problem is, for the gift giver, it's about the most boring present ever. Until now. Hello, iTunes gift card diorama.

Here's what you'll need to make this Glee-themed (or any theme, for that matter) gift card diorama:

  • An empty Altoids tin: These peppermint tins are exactly the right size to hold a gift card. They're the perfect size for a mini-diorama too, and they tuck nicely in a stocking or under the tree. Decorate the outside of the lid with images of the band, musical motifs, a large image of an iPod or a piece of holiday giftwrap, trimming closely to fit, and using double stick tape.

  • Crinkle paper or glitzy shredded ribbon: Fill the box. It will cushion the gift card and provide a little lift when the box is opened.

  • The band or singers: Find an image of the singing Glee cast (or Lady Gaga or Rihanna or ...) in a magazine, for example. Mount it on card stock, then carefully cut it out so it fits inside the lid of the tin. Use foam tape to add a little 3-D effect. Run a narrow strip along the bottom of the tin's inner lid, near the hinges, and attach your people to it, so they stand up. Or place your Glee Club in curved choral formation by attaching a piece of double stick tape in the center of the lid, and two small pieces of foam tape on the far left and far right sides. Press the image against the three spots.

  • Embellishments: Using card stock or glossy photo paper, print out small images of CDs, vinyl records, a CD cover (The Glee Christmas album, in this case) and/or musical motifs. Use a giant hole punch or craft punch to create confetti and other embellishments.

  • An iTunes or other gift card: Tuck the card in the box - check any paperwork to see if it needs to be folded up and included too. Use double stick tape to attach the "confetti" CDs and records to the inner edges of the box and the gift card itself for added effect.

Now, carefully close the box. Tie with ribbon. And make someone happy.

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