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Crafts: College-Themed Napkins for a Tailgate Party


Crafts: College-Themed Napkins for a Tailgate Party
Crafts: College-Themed Napkins for a Tailgate Party

Add a little pizazz to your tailgate party by using collegiate-print fabric, like this University of Arizona print, to make napkins.

Photo by Jackie Burrell

Gear up for tailgate parties or parents’ weekend picnic with a set of these fun college-themed napkins. These days you can find all sorts of amusing collegiate-printed cotton-poly fabrics that boast the university logo, mascot or other icons woven into Western bandana-style patterns, argyles and block prints. Order fabric by the yard online - just Google "collegiate print fabric" - or find an assortment at large fabric stores, such as Jo-Ann’s. (They make great material for whipping up a pair of cushy DIY stadium seats too.)

For each napkin, you’ll need a square of fabric that measures 18-20 inches per side, i.e., a mere yard and a quarter of 45-inch wide fabric will yield four snazzy napkins, suitable for picnics, tailgating or even a cute housewarming gift for students or alums.

Wash and preshrink the fabric before using it. Then iron the fabric, and cut out the squares. Fold a 1/4-inch hem all around the napkin, using a hot iron to make a sharp crease. Fold under another 1/4-inch hem all the way around, so the raw edges are completely hidden. Press with the iron again to form a sharp crease.

Using a sewing machine, run a quick line of stitches all the way around. Press once more, and repeat with the remaining squares. Then tuck your cool creations into your picnic basket or tailgate gear and enjoy!

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