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Campus Health and Safety

Your days in pediatricians' toy-filled waiting rooms may be over, but health worries don't stop when your child turns 18. Here's a guide to campus health and safety issues, as well as vaccines for 20-somethings and students who study abroad.
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  2. Disabiliities, ADHD & More (7)
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  4. Staying Healthy at College (18)

Health Insurance for Your Not-Yet-Employed Child
Parents are wise to worry when their grown children age out of family health benefits. Here are three ways to get medical coverage for your not-yet-employed 20something, so a case of appendicitis or a trip to the emergency room doesn't send you to the poorhouse.

Book Review: 'College Safety 101'
Book Review: "College Safety 101" by Kathleen "The Safety Chick" Baty

College and Teen Suicide Statistics
College Suicide: Statistics on college and teen suicides.

Dating Abuse Statistics
The incidence of teen dating violence and abuse has soared in recent years and it's particularly scary when your college kid or 20something is dealing with it far from home. These are the facts and statistics about dating abuse.

Dating Abuse: Red Flags in a College Relationship
Dating abuse is far more common among college-age kids and 20somethings than any parent wants to believe. Watch out for these red flags.

Parent Resources for Dealing with Dating Abuse
Dating abuse is far more prevalent than parents realize. These parent resources can help you support your college kid or 20something.

What is Dating Abuse?
Dating abuse defined.

Dating Abuse 101
Dating Abuse 101: Everything a parent should know.

College Homesickness and How Parents Can Help
There's plenty of excitement when a new freshman heads off to the dorms, but there's anxiety, apprehension and college homesickness too. Here are a few ways parents can help.

Health Insurance for 20-Somethings
The health insurance situation for 20somethings has vastly improved in the last few years, but there are still some wrinkles that can trip up your college or grad student's health care.

Getting Extra Health Insurance for Your College Kid
What happens when your kid goes to school out-of-state? Does he need campus health insurance?

6 Signs That It May Not Be "Just Stress"
Every college student suffers a certain amount of six warning signs that your child's stress may be a mental health concern.

Teen Driving Deaths
Parents are always anxious about the safety of their teens, but the summer after high school is a particularly dangerous time for new drivers.

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