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When Should You Take Your Sick College Kid Home?


Whether it's mono or another illness that knocks your child flat, the big question quickly becomes, when should one take a sick college kid home? Depending on the distance involved, some parents bring their college kids home when they are very ill, or they may rent a hotel room for the weekend so their child can sleep, undisturbed by dorm bustle.

That may not be necessary, says Dr. Joel Forman, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Community and Preventive Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and a member of About.com's medical review board. "But I’d hate to say it’s over kill," he says. "Every young adult is different, so what is appropriate for one family may not be for another. Let the doctor give a diagnosis and a plan.”

Good communication with your child's health care provider is critical here, but federal privacy laws mean doctors cannot divulge information about your child's medical condition without his express permission. "Encourage your child to connect you directly with his doctor," says Forman, "if you are thinking about going to the school."

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