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Ten De-Stressing Activities

Tips to relax college kids, young adults and parents too


College is stressful. So is parenting college kids, but these 10 activities will de-stress any college kid or young adult - or their parents.

1. Binge Watch

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Break out the popcorn and queue up an entire season of "True Blood," "Breaking Bad" or "Orange is the New Black." Movies more your style? Click here for an entire list of the newest blu-rays for the college crowd.

2. Hit the Gym or the Ice Rink

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Hit the gym or the ice rink, work up a sweat then relax in the sauna, steam room or hot tub (or just take a really long, hot shower). Or better yet, join a team. Whether it's inner tube waterpolo, dodge ball or Quidditch, team sports mix fitness, fun and socializing, which are all great de-stressors.

3. Take a Class

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It may sound counter-intuitive to take a class when it's school that's making you crazy with stress, but taking a different sort of course - yoga, clay, painting, dance or music lesson - stretches the brain in different ways and refreshes and energizes the spirit.

4. Re-Read Harry Potter

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There is nothing like a great book to banish cares and woes. Banish stress with a trip to Hogwarts ... or a trek into a post-apocalyptic dystopian future with Katniss Everdeen ... or any of the volumes on this list of great leisure books for the college crowd.

5. Play a Board Game

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Gather up a group and play "Apples to Apples," "Loaded Questions," or any another board game that makes you laugh hysterically. (Check out this list for more great board game ideas too.)

6. Go For a Long Walk

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Bundle up, wrap a fuzzy muffler around your neck and go for a long walk with a friend.

7. Visit an Art Gallery

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Hit the campus art museum or a local gallery. If it’s a major art museum, pick up an art scavenger hunt for kids at the front desk and go do it. (You probably won’t get a prize sticker at the end, seeing as you’re not a kid, but that’s OK.)

8. Listen to Music

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Put on a head set and listen to your favorite music, whether it's Shostakovich or Jack Johnson (pictured), at a volume loud enough to block out the rest of the world. Or, get in the shower and sing your heart out.

9. Bake Cookies

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Bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Eat them while they’re still hot and the chocolate chips are melty. Or, learn to cook something new. Whether it's tikka masala or lasagna, there's a beginner cookbook out there for everyone, including college kids and 20somethings.

10. Become a Guitar Hero

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Challenge a roommate or friend to a rousing round of Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Halo 3, Wii sports or any other favorite video game. (The new "Beatles: Rock Band" edition looks like fun too.) Just be careful to play for an hour or two, not 24.
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