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Your 18-Year-Old

Everything changes when your child turns 18. So here's the lowdown on everything from legal issues to senioritis.
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  2. Eagle Scouts (11)
  3. Senioritis (4)

Facebook, MySpace and Internet Perils
There's no denying the popularity of social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace, among teens and 20somethings. But those sites pose dangers too - and the perils have nothing to do with Internet predators.

18th Birthday Party Ideas - Tips for Great 18th Birthday Parties
18th Birthday Party Ideas - What's your best idea for celebrating that big 18th birthday?

Everything You Need to Know When Your Child Turns 18
Turning 18 is a big deal, not just from a parent's emotional perspective, but legally too. Here's a quick rundown on the legal implications.

Happy Birthday, New Adult: 18-Year-Olds and the Law

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