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Moving Back Home

Nearly 60 percent of the nation's 20-somethings end up moving back home temporarily. Here's how to navigate house rules, rent and new relationships.

Everything You Need to Know When Grown Children Move Home
An ever increasing number of grown children are moving back home and whether it's because of crushing student debt, layoffs or personal crisis, the move is bound to cause upheaval for parents. Here are some key issues to think about before moving day.

Quiz: Are You Ready for Your Grown Child to Move Home?
Wondering if your grown child should move back home? This quiz will help you decide if you're ready to refill your empty nest.

Alternatives to Moving Home
When grown kids move home, it's usually because of financial woes - trouble finding a job or getting out from under crushing debt. Moving home may be a popular option for the Boomerang Generation, but it's not the only one.

The Emotional Side When Adult Children Move Back Home
Parent emotions can go haywire when their grown kids move back home. Young adults may move home to recover from student loan debt or a personal crisis, but parents can't help but wonder if they did something wrong.

Moving Back Home
Some 60% of the nation's single, young adults end up moving back home – enough to give any empty nester pause. How does this even work? But happy “re-filled" families tend to have these six things in common.

Sample Rental Contracts for Boomerang Kids
When boomerang kids move back home with the parents, it's best for parents and their boomerang 20-somethings to draw up a rental contract that covers rent, chores and utilities.

Boomerang Kids and Rent
When grown-up kids move back home as part of the boomerang generation, there are always financial reasons behind the return. The big question is, should parents charge boomerang kids rent? And if so, how much?

What is the boomerang generation?
The boomerang generation, defined.

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