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Alternatives to Moving Home

3 Ways to Help Your Grown Child


Alternatives to Moving Home
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Some 60% of young adults end up moving back home, at least temporarily. They may be paying off crushing student debt, saving for a house or facing other personal or financial challenges. But that's not a solution for everybody. If you took the "Are You Ready for Your Grown Child to Move Home?" quiz and found yourself answering "no" to a number of questions, it may be time to explore other alternatives to moving home. Here are three possibilities:


  • Family Loans: It can take time for a new graduate to get his feet on the ground. If your child's best job prospects, connections and friends are all in his college town, it may make more sense for him to stay there. An investment now - in the form of a loan or monetary gift underwriting his rent and living expenses for a few months - may help him become self-sufficient more quickly than moving him home, where he'll have to start over. An additional consideration is that the friends he grew up with may have all moved away, making his hometown support network... you.


  • Student Housing: If your 20something is heading for grad school, have him check out subsidized graduate student housing, or jobs as a dormitory resident assistant or, if this is a daughter, as a "house mother" for a sorority. Campus housing offices usually have listings for boarding houses and other inexpensive rooms to let, and some may post notices for au pair positions that include room and board in exchange for limited babysitting. Tell your son male nannies or "Mannies" are very trendy.


  • Other Family Housing: You may not want your child to live with you because he's better off in the big city or because your relationship is improved by distance, but that doesn't rule out extended branches of the family. Many 20somethings live with siblings, cousins or other family members. It's a move that combines financial savings - family, after all, is more likely than the average landlord to exchange chores for rent reductions - with the emotional support of living with loved ones.
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