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A parenting guide to twenty-somethings, quarterlife crises, careers and relationships.
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A Health Reform Q&A with Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
Health reform and young adults: How the new health reform act is likely to affect your family.

Book Review: Don't Bite Your Tongue
Book review: "Don't Bite Your Tongue," an advice book about parenting adult children by Dr. Ruth Nemzoff.

What is a Fulbright?
Like a study abroad option for college graduates, Fulbright scholarships fund post-graduate research studies in Europe, Asia and around the world.

21st Birthday Party - Ideas for a 21st Birthday Party
Share your tips for celebrating a 21st birthday or throwing a 21st birthday party.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas - Share Tips on 21st Birthday Gifts
Share your tips for great 21st birthday gifts.

Wedding Planning Tips - Tips for Planning Weddings
How did you divide wedding costs?

Wedding Planning for Parents
Wedding Planning for Parents: The how-to bridal guides that got our mothers through 20th century weddings are no longer the rulebooks they once were. Here are tips on wedding planning for today's parents.

Parents & Wedding Costs
Once upon a time, the bride's parents paid the wedding costs (and assembled goats, carts and other dowry gifts too). Now families split wedding costs many different ways. Here's the traditional breakdown of wedding costs for parents.

Alternative Ways to Split Wedding Costs
Wedding Costs: There are many alternative ways for families and parents to split wedding costs.

21st Birthday Gifts
Tradition has it that new 21-year-olds should be given a fine vintage from the year they were born – or perhaps I’ve been reading too many British novels from the last century because for most 21st century families, such a gift has all sorts of problems, not the least of which is the lack of a temperature controlled wine cellar, and a butler to...

21st Birthday Party Ideas
There’s something about hitting that magic birthday - the legal drinking age - that makes even normally level-headed young adults throw caution to the winds. Tales of 21st birthday pub crawls and epic day-after hangovers abound. But here are five ideas for families who want to host a memorable 21st birthday celebration, with a little celebratory booze, but no hangovers

A Parent's Guide to Understanding the Quarterlife Crisis
Some young adults are lucky enough to know what they want to do from an early age. For the rest, the adjustment to the real world can be a harsh one. That's why it's been dubbed the Quarterlife Crisis. Here are some tips to help parents of young adults understand what's going on.

The Best Quarterlife Crisis Books
Quarterlife Crisis: Books for 20-somethings - and their families - on surviving and thriving, from identity crises to the relationship and career travails of quarterlife.

Quarterlife Crisis - 5 Ways Parents Can Help
The upheaval of the twenties may be unavoidable, as young college graduates chart a new course. But there are five things parents can do to help.

How to Help Your Kid Find That First Apartment
Finding a first apartment can be a challenge. Here are tips and online resources to help you help your kid on that search.

Parenting 20-somethings
Now that your kids are grown, how do you restructure your relationship so you’re neither too involved, nor so hands-off there isn’t much of a relationship there at all? How do you stay close while letting go? And why didn't Dr. Spock write a book about these years? The baby books didn't say anything about grad school, boomerang kids who move...

Book Review: "How to Raise Your Adult Children"
Gail Parent and Susan Ende's "How to Raise Your Adult Children" tackles the big issues that face 20somethings.

Quarterlife Crisis Resources
That signature crisis of confidence that strikes most 20-somethings has a name now, Quarterlife Crisis.

What's a Co-Signer?
First Apartment Lowdown: What's a co-signer?

First Apartment Paperwork
First Apartment: There's nothing like contemplating a new apartment to unleash a torrent of paperwork. Here's what you, oh parent and co-signer, can expect to see.

Peace Corps 101
Kathmandu, Panama City ... joining the Peace Corps is the start of a grand and challenging adventure. But for parents back home, it can mean the beginning of 27 months of anxiety - especially if you're used to Skyping and texting your kid on a daily basis! So here's the lowdown on what to expect when your child joins the Peace Corps.

Meeting the New Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Meeting the new boyfriend or girlfriend is a momentous event. Here's how parents can finesse the situation.

Boyfriends, Girlfriends and Bedroom Assignments
When your grown child's sweetheart comes to visit, bedroom assignments can be tricky affairs.

Horrible Boyfriends, Ghastly Girlfriends - What Now?
What happens when your son or daughter brings home a sweetheart you hate? Should parents speak up?

Forging a Relationship With Your Child's Sweetheart
The relationship between parents and their son or daughter's new beau can be challenging. How do you forge that relationship? When is it OK to call or text - and when is that just weird?

Parents, Sweethearts & Breakups
Breakups are tough at any age, but when your 20something splits with his or her longtime beau - and you've bonded with that ex or the ex's parents - things get sticky. Do you stay friends?

Parents, Boyfriends and Girlfriends
Meeting your college kid or 20something's serious boyfriend or girlfriend is a big deal. Here are tips to help.

Review: '20 Something 20 Everything'
Review: Christine Hassler's "20 Something, 20 Everything" offers helpful tips for young women facing quarterlife confusion - and insights for their parents.

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